Free API for sending money

Automate delivery of gift and prepaid cards for incentives, rewards, and other payments.

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Join over 5,000 companies sending hundreds of millions in payouts
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Autopilot for payments to people

Build, manage, and track fully customized programs.



Develop on the Tremendous API with mock data using our sandbox environment



Personalize and style payments with your branding and custom messaging.



Automate payment delivery for multiple teams across your organization.



Pull payment history, order history, invoices and more in real time.

800+ payment options — one powerful incentives API

You choose the options, or offer the whole catalog.



Prepaid cards

Distribute Visa® and Mastercard® prepaid cards.

Send plastic and digital prepaid cards at scale with our MasterCard® and Visa® gift card API.

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Gift cards

600+ global retailers in 210+ countries or territories.

The Tremendous API is your all-in-one Amazon Gift Card API, Target gift card API, Walmart gift card API — your every major brand gift card API.

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Send cash to recipients at scale in more than 80 countries.

Automate cash disbursements via ACH and Venmo (US) or PayPal (international) by integrating with the Tremendous incentives API.

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Automate charitable donations to noble causes.

Support the world's top charities by automating the reward distribution and allowing recipients to donate it to philanthropic causes.

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Send yourself a sample reward

Give it a try and see for yourself how easy it is. No string attached.

Integrate quickly, easily, and for free

Automate your payments in three simple steps.

Obtain your API key, and make a successful request in less than five minutes.
Get authenticated
Obtain your API key, and make a successful request in less than five minutes.
Get authenticated

Almost as delightful to send as it is to receive


"The impact that I see Tremendous having on the research incentive process is best-in-class in terms of centralization, standardization, and optimization.I only wish there were other tools that could have the same impact on other parts of the research process!"

Graham Gardner
Graham Gardner
Community Board Member

Your customers' newest payment feature, within your platform

Register an app to build out a seamless OAuth experience for your customers to trigger payments via your platform.

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See if Tremendous is right for you

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