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How the right incentives partner boosts SparkPlug’s brand reputation

"Tremendous has invested so much in the user experience...that reflects positively on our brand."

When Jake Levin and his cofounders set out to create a platform that rewards frontline workers for doing their best work, they knew what they wanted to build and what they didn’t.

They wanted to create an intuitive app that lets retail store managers set goals for their frontline workers, run contests, track commissions, and show employees where they stand on the leaderboard. They wanted to build a real-time analytics and sales reporting dashboard.

But they didn’t want to build the financial infrastructure necessary to send incentives to employees.

For that, they needed a partner. Jake was charged with heading the search.

He assessed different incentive platform vendors with the following criteria in mind:

  • The integration process had to be simple. At the time, SparkPlug was a small team. They needed a partner that offered developer-friendly, straightforward docs and a killer API.

  • They needed an intuitive UI. Frontline workers are busy, and they don’t use a lot of software solutions in their work. The platform had to be easy to understand at a glance, so users could open the app, hit redeem, and get back to business.

  • SparkPlug’s branding had to stand out. Jake wanted a platform his team could customize to seamlessly sync with their brand, so users felt like they never left the SparkPlug app.

When the founders discovered Tremendous, they were able to tick every box on their list.

“We were able to integrate seamlessly with Tremendous’ API,” said Jake.

A branded experience. End-to-end.

SparkPlug wanted to maintain a consistent brand identity throughout the reward redemption process. They didn’t want users to worry they had left the app, or feel confused about why they were redirected to another tool.

Fortunately, Tremendous’ rewards redemption flow can be customized with any brand’s logo and colors.

“Employees are able to access their earnings and claim their funds, all within the SparkPlug application,” said Jake. “It looks and feels just like our app. It’s perfectly branded.”

Simple. Intuitive. Instant.

With Tremendous, frontline workers can redeem their reward in just a few clicks. They can choose from a catalog of 2,000+ redemption options, including direct deposit, PayPal, Visa prepaid cards, and hundreds of gift cards to specific retailers. And they can use their incentive right away.

“Tremendous has invested so much in the user experience, and making the design so elegant and beautiful,” Jake said. “At the end of the day, that reflects positively on our brand.”

Since launch, SparkPlug’s customers have seen the measurable power of employee incentives first-hand.

Offering incentives, SPIFFs, and rewards to frontline workers has helped SparkPlug’s clients achieve a 76% increase in customer-reported satisfaction.

“Some of our customers have seen up to 50x ROI on their investment in SPIFFs and incentives,” said Jake.

Want to integrate with Tremendous? Talk to our sales team, or check the docs to see how easy it is to simplify incentives on your platform. We’d love to work with you, too.

“Employees are able to access their earnings and claim their funds, all within the SparkPlug application. It looks and feels just like our app. It’s perfectly branded.”

Jake Levin, Cofounder and COO, SparkPlug

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