Stop losing money
to fraud

Tremendous’ fraud prevention tool uses data across millions of payouts to help you identify and stop fraudsters in their tracks.

Save millions with fraud prevention that actually works

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Save money

Clients save millions per year on reward spend by stopping fraudulent payouts.

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Accurate protection in minutes

Customize fraud controls to make detection effective for your rewards and payouts program.

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Keep recipients happy

Review the questionable transactions only and pay out legitimate recipients quickly while blocking the fraudsters.

Customizable controls built for your business

  • Identify fraudsters cycling through identities Tremendous uses AI to identify fraudsters posing as different recipients, including those using VPNs or different emails.

  • Set receiving thresholds per recipient Specify a maximum amount a recipient can receive over a day, a week, a month, or all-time. If a recipient receives more, their transactions are flagged for your review.

  • Flag based on country or IP address Review redemptions from suspicious countries or IP addresses.

Review suspicious redemptions

Redemptions that are flagged by your configured controls are held for your review.

Tremendous presents you with IP, country, related activity, and running totals so you can make an informed decision to permit or block the transaction.

Fight fraud with the power of the Tremendous network

Flag known fraudsters blocked by over 10,000 other companies in the Tremendous network. The more fraud we catch, the more effective our tools get.

Together, we can help stop fraud across the entire industry.