Bulk digital gift card platform for businesses

Over 1,000 retailers. Custom branding. Fast and free. Save 15 hours a month sending digital gift cards and prepaid cards.

Trusted by over 10,000 companies big and small

A huge, global selection

Offer bulk electronic gift cards to over 1,000 retailers around the globe, including Amazon in 20+ countries, Starbucks, and Target. Plus digital Visa cards that work in over 200 countries.

Browse gift cards

Sending is a breeze

Pick the virtual gift cards you want to offer, customize with your own message and corporate branding, then upload recipients by spreadsheet, API, or integration.

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Only spend what you send

It’s free to use. No setup or recurring costs. Seriously. See our pricing.

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Go global

We show options tailored to the recipient's location in 200+ countries.

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Easy admin

Conveniently handle approvals, invoicing, W-9 collection, and more — at no charge.

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Automated sending

Use our integrations to instantly send rewards through the apps you already use.

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Discounts for big senders

Accounts sending over $200k/year may qualify for cheaper-than-free pricing.

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End-to-end support

If you or your recipients hit a snag, our top-notch support team is quick to help.

You'll love that it's easy.

They'll love the options.

On average, Tremendous users save about 15 hours per month