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How Rally UXR simplified research incentives

“At this point, incentives are the easiest part of our platform.”

Rally UXR, a user research CRM, knew they wanted to integrate Tremendous into their platform from day 1. Rally is designed to make everything about recruiting research participants as easy as possible. So they needed a simple, free way to send incentives to participants anywhere in the world.

The easiest way to integrate incentives into your platform

“We knew from the beginning that we didn’t want to build incentives ourselves,” said Oren Friedman, co-founder and CEO at Rally UXR.

Rally UXR formed at famed startup incubator YCombinator. When it came time to build incentives into the platform, Oren and his founding team spent some time talking to researchers about which incentive platforms they preferred.

“When we spoke to prospective customers, those that were using incentive systems were very happy with Tremendous already,” Oren said. “The idea that Tremendous could be integrated into a user research CRM seemed very appealing to them.”

Building integrations can be difficult for early-stage companies with small teams who tend to be resource-constrained. But when Oren and his team looked at the Tremendous API docs, they were pleasantly surprised.

“It was clear to us how developer-first the API docs were,” said Oren.

The Tremendous docs were written by developers, for developers. And even with a small team, Rally UXR was able to build the integration in a day.

Incentives on autopilot

“At this point, incentives are the easiest part of our platform.”

Because Tremendous offers 2,000 different incentive options in over 200 countries, Rally’s users don’t have to worry about currency conversion, or choosing which incentive to send. They don’t even need to know where their research participants are. Tremendous takes care of all of that for them, automatically.

The result? Rally has a large cohort of obsessed users. And whenever the topic of incentives comes up in sales conversations, Oren and his team know they can close the deal.

“One of our favorite parts of the sales process is when a customer asks us, ‘okay, how much are incentives going to cost me?’” said Oren.

“In response, I can tell them that because of our partnership with Tremendous, they don’t have to pay anything on top of the incentives they’re sending to participants. 100% of their dollars goes straight to their users. That’s a really compelling value proposition for us in our sales cycle.”

Want to integrate with Tremendous? Talk to our sales team, or check the docs to see how easy it is to simplify incentives on your platform. We’d love to work with you, too.

"Our customers love that their participants can choose whatever rewards they want to redeem. It takes a lot of the thought and pressure off of our customers to think of, 'what is the right reward to give them?'"

Oren Friedman, Cofounder and CEO at Rally UXR

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