Marketing incentives

Grow and engage every stage of your marketing funnel through clever incentives.

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Marketing incentives

You’re in tremendous company

Your costliest marketing pain points, resolved

Low budgets and high expectations? No problem.

Generate leads and pipeline

Hone your targeting and qualifying processes.

Gone are the days of subpar prospects and lost deals. Attract better leads, score them faster and optimize marketing pipe when you employ promotional incentives, meaningful rewards and genuinely helpful business solutions.

Boost conversion rates

Incentivize high-intent, high-value leads to take action.

Increase funnel efficiency, and minimize the lag between marketing qualification and closed deals. With creative marketing incentives, you can gain leads and convert them to new customers — while remaining budget-conscious.

Grow lifetime customer value

Reward customers for brand loyalty and advocacy.

Attract high-value clients, lower acquisition costs and improve customer retention with marketing incentives. Strategies like customer referrals and rewards programs have proven to cut costs, improve margins and generate a healthy return on investment.

Increase event attendance and engagement

Transform events into a lead generation machine.

Recruit speakers, sponsors and attendees, and improve your event's ROI by cleverly deploying marketing incentives. Savvy marketers use incentives to build brand awareness, establish credibility and grow a pipeline of potential customers with every event, webinar or meeting.

Incentivize every stage of your marketing funnel

Engage, delight and reward your way to creating customers for life.


Brand awareness

Become a recognizable and sought-after logo.

Building brand awareness is the first step toward convincing customers to use your product or service — and not a competitor. Nudge prospective customers to interact with your company using incentives for brand awareness initiatives.

An incentive, coupled with a positive customer experience, can engender a favorable impression of your brand. Extrapolate the positive sentiment of a single customer to your entire addressable market, and over time your brand will pick up self-sustaining momentum.

Customer acquisition

Nurture and convert prospects into customers.

To turn leads into customers you must appeal the their needs, interests and pain points, which first means identifying that information. Incentives for customer acquisition can drive prospects to share their information, so your team can target, nurture and close high-value customers.

The most-common marketing incentive examples appeal to customers with rebates, first-time-purchase specials, form-completion rewards and other incentive promotions.

Customer activation

Ensure customers fully utilize your products and services.

Savvy marketers and sales people understand their customers' needs and expertly deploy incentives for motivating purchases and optimizing usage of your product.

First they direct customers to the product or service that best addresses a pain point or fills a need. Then they ensure customers understand the full range of the products' benefits. Incentives can be used throughout this process to uncover vital information or encourage the customer to interact with unused product features.

Customer retention

Minimize customer churn and maximize spend.

Incentives for encouraging customer retention have two goals: promote purchases from returning customers and increase revenue per sale.

"Buy one, get one" (BOGO) promotions, sales, rebates and offering marketing gift cards upon purchase are widely used promo incentives that encourage customers to come back and spend more.

Customer loyalty

Create a customer base of long-term high spenders.

A customer loyalty program moves beyond retention by creating such a positive brand sentiment that customers actively choose your brand over competitors. Create loyal customers by combining quality products and services, a stellar customer experience and clever incentives.

Build a program that rewards customers with cash, gift cards, charitable donations, coupons, discounts, a loyalty bonus and more. Promotion incentives for loyal customers reinforce buying habits and their positive perception of your brand.

Customer advocacy

Generate lucrative customer referrals.

Turning customers into brand ambassadors that promote your business is the pinnacle of marketing. For instance, customer referral incentives have shown to acquire high-margin, low-churn customers that are at least 16% more valuable than their non-referred counterparts.

Tapping into the networks of your best clients is one of the most lucrative, cost-efficient ideas for building high-impact customer advocacy programs.

A reward for every customer

Curate a catalog of incentives for consumers that convert and delight.

Visa gift cards in bulk


Prepaid cards

Power conversions with Visa® or MasterCard® prepaid cards.

Hand out physical cards at your next in-person marketing event. Or, send digital prepaid cards on-demand across the globe for every marketing initiative.

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Amazon gift cards in bulk


Gift cards

Optimize campaigns with gift cards from hundreds of global retailers.

Select specific brands from our extensive catalog of marketing gift cards, or allow recipients to choose a promotional gift card that meets their needs.

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Cash rewards and incentives


Send cash for customer acquisitions.

Wire money directly to any U.S. bank account when a user converts to a client. Or, send cash via PayPal for international incentives for customers.

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Appeal to a lead's altruistic sensibilities.

Donate a reward in users' names when they fill out a lead generation form. Select individual charities or allow leads to choose from dozens of top philanthropic organizations.

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Tailor which rewards are available to recipients. Design the reward look and feel with custom branding, colors and messaging.

Tell us who to reward. You can do this manually or via CSV upload. Then send your rewards.

Voila — you sent your marketing incentives. You can easily view your reward history, order history, analytics, and reward approvals.

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