Monetary Incentives

Digitally disburse rewards and incentives in the form of ACH and PayPal transfers.

Bank redemption
Paypal redemption

Thankfully the days of manually sending checks in the mail or keeping physical cash on-site are gone.


A Quick Comparison

Checks & Cash Tremendous (ACH & PayPal)
Fulfillment Time Up to weeks Instantaneous or up to 2 business days
Operational overhead Cut checks, fill envelopes, verify delivery, resend checks, obtain cash, store cash, disburse cash, etc. Very minimal
Reliability Frequently lost and stolen High reliability
Accounting Difficult to track uncashed checks and unpaid cash Know exactly what your liabilities are
Fraud risk High fraud risk Low fraud risk
Security Recipients have your bank number (check); physical storage is a liability (cash) Sensitive data remains private; nothing physical to store

Tremendous has made rewarding our user research subjects so simple. I can't recommend it highly enough.


Boosted employee morale and delivered on their core cultural values with their peer to peer bonus program.


Incentivizes their volunteer network to assist in necessary bicycle supply operations across locations.

Who will you reward?