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Allow recipients to donate their reward to charity.

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Charitable donations

You’re in tremendous company

Support the world's top charities

We work with dozens of the most influential philanthropic organizations.

Champion a charitable cause

Fund the issues that matter most to your organization.


Human and civil rights

Human services


Arts, culture
and humanities

Research and
public policy

Spread benevolence across the globe

Support the health and well-being of individuals in more than 180 countries.





Give the gift of philanthropy

Select individual charities, or add the entire catalog.

Donate in the recipient's name

Recipients convert the dollar value of their reward into a charitable donation — selecting from your pre-approved list of charities.

Recipients select a reward type.
They choose a charity.
They submit their information.

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Ashley Bryan
Head of Customer InsightsIBM Automation

“The variety of rewards to choose from, including the option to donate the reward value, is a great way to make sure our participants are getting the type of reward they care about. It's a small detail, but goes a long way in showing our members that we care.”

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