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How Great Question automates international research incentives

"The best part about Tremendous is that it's bulletproof. I just don't think about it."

Great Question, an all-in-one customer research platform, solves pain points across every step of the research process. Users turn to Great Question to simplify everything from recruitment to outreach to sharing out customer insights.

When it came time to choose a partner for sending thank-yous to research participants, Ned Dwyer, CEO and cofounder of Great Question, needed a tool so reliable that he’d never have to worry about incentives again.

One less thing to worry about

“The best part about Tremendous is that it’s bulletproof,” said Ned. “I just don’t think about it. I know it’s always there, it’s always going to work, it’s always reliable.”

Sending incentives is a crucial but often onerous part of research; everyone has to do it, but few enjoy it. By integrating Tremendous into the Great Question platform, Ned helps researchers save 15 hours per month on administrative tasks related to sending payouts.

He can trust incentives are taken care of, and move on to more pressing issues.

”I’ve got plenty of other problems to go and think about when it comes to the world of research,” he added.

The simplest way to send international

“We know that we can provide incentives in almost any country in the world.”

Many of Great Question’s users recruit research participants from all over the world. Since Tremendous offers incentives in more than 200 countries, users can recruit participants almost anywhere through the platform.

“It’s really easy — they can choose which incentives they want to redeem depending on what country they’re in, and we don’t need to configure any of that stuff, so that’s amazing,” said Ned.

Tremendous automates currency conversion and translation for free: when recipients receive their reward, they see the message in their country’s native language. They’re also presented with any locally relevant redemption options.

Sending incentives internationally doesn’t require any effort, input, or added charge.

“Whenever we’re in sales conversations and incentives comes up, it’s super easy,” said Ned. “We just say, ‘Look, we integrate with Tremendous,’ and the unanimous response is, ‘Of course. We know them, we use them, we love them.’ And then we move on.”

Great Question found the answer in Tremendous. Maybe you will too. Chat with our sales team, or check the docs to see how easy it is to simplify incentives on your platform. We’d love to work with you, too.

"They can choose which incentives they want to redeem depending on what country they're in, and we don't need to configure any of that stuff."

Ned Dwyer, CEO of Great Question

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