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Tremendous ranked as leader in rewards and incentives software space

By Kate Monica|4 min read|Updated May 1, 2024

A G2 badge.

This Spring marks a milestone: we’ve won our most G2 badges ever, clocking in at 11 awards total. 

We’re proud of G2 badges because they’re based on how much value users are getting from our platform. They’re based on your honest feedback, rankings, and reviews. 

Tremendous is the simplest way for businesses to send rewards, incentives, and payouts almost anywhere in the world. Whether you’re sending a dozen or a million rewards, Tremendous makes it easy to send fast and free.

“The best part about Tremendous is that it’s bulletproof. I just don’t think about it.”

Ned Dwyer, CEO of Great Question

The prerequisite for creating a simple product is to listen to our users. That’s why G2 reviews are so important to us. They’re essential signals of how users feel about what we’re building, and we take them seriously. 

Thanks to our customers and users for all 661 reviews, and the 4.8 star ranking

Tremendous has been recognized with the following Spring 2024 awards:

  • Leader 

  • Leader Enterprise

  • Leader Small-Business

  • Leader Mid-Market

  • Leader Europe

  • Momentum Leader

  • Fastest Implementation Enterprise

  • Most Implementable

  • Most Implementable Small Business

  • Fastest Implementation Small Business

  • Users Love Us

Leader Awards

Awards: Leader Enterprise, Leader, Leader Small-Business, Leader Mid-Market, Leader Europe

The G2 leader badge for Spring 2024.

The Leader badge is based directly on user feedback and given to companies that consistently receive high ratings, have a large market presence, and have excellent satisfaction scores. 

The G2 leader enterprise badge for Spring 2024.

We’re humbled to receive Leader badges across so many markets, including the enterprise, mid-market, and small business markets. 

The G2 leader small business badge for Spring 2024.

“I've been using Tremendous for a while now for our marketing incentives, and it's been a total lifesaver,” said Kizza E. on G2. “Before this, managing different incentive programs was such a hassle and a headache. But with Tremendous, it's all become so much easier and more streamlined. The difference is night and day[.]”

The G2 leader mid-market badge for Spring 2024.

Over 10,000 companies, big and small, use Tremendous to send incentives, rewards, and payouts. Google, Amazon, and Visa use us, but so do hundreds of small companies and startups with less than 50 employees. 

The leader EMEA badge for Spring 2024.

We’re honored to help all our customers spend less money, save more time, and achieve their business goals.

The G2 leader Europe badge for Spring 2024.

Momentum Leader Award

The G2 Momentum Leader badge for Spring 2024.

Companies that win a Momentum Leader badge have achieved significant growth in customer satisfaction, digital presence, and revenue gains. 

Basically, it means Tremendous isn’t just holding its spot at the top, but consistently improving. 

“Tremendous has simply eliminated friction and cost for us when it comes to paying rewards for our market research participants,” said Benjamin T.

We’re steadfast in our commitment to providing businesses with a fast, free way to send incentives and rewards just about anywhere in the world. Every new improvement and iteration of the product is in service of this singular goal. 

Implementation Awards

Awards: Fastest Implementation Enterprise, Most Implementable, Fastest Implementation Small Business, Most Implementable Small Business

The G2 Fastest Implementation badge for Spring 2024.

Getting a new software solution up and running is notoriously cumbersome. It can take weeks to set up a new solution, onboard new users, train users on how to use the tool, and troubleshoot issues before you finally start seeing some value out of the new addition to your tech stack.

With Tremendous, you can sign up and send your first reward in minutes. 

The G2 Most Implementable badge for Spring 2024.

“Setting up and using Tremendous is straightforward and surprisingly enjoyable,” wrote Robert N. on G2, “The platform eliminates the need for spreadsheets, offering all-in-one tracking and reporting.”

The G2 Most Implementable for Small Business badge for Spring 2024.

New users don’t need to sit through hours-long training sessions to figure out how to send rewards. Claire Brown, Director of Marketing at Lyssna, is one of many users who learned the ins-and-outs of the platform on her own.

“I didn’t actually need to have any training, because it was so simple,” said Claire. “The UI was really intuitive. I think within 15 minutes, I had sent my first incentive.”

The G2 Fastest Implementation for Small Business badge for Spring 2024.

Businesses can also build an integration with our API to automate payouts. Our API docs were written by developers, for developers. They’re designed to be as straightforward as possible so you can get up and running in hours – not months. 

Even with a small team, RallyUXR was able to build an integration with Tremendous in a day.

Users Love Us

Companies who receive 20 reviews with an average rating of at least 4.0 stars win the Users Love Us badge. We’ve blown past this milestone, with 595 five-star reviews.

“From the onboarding process to sending your first reward, the time and effort that the Tremendous team has put into crafting a seamless and simple experience is evident,” said Paul G., a user with a small business of around 50 people. “I was able to set up my first campaign in less than 5 minutes[.]”

How G2 badges work

G2 helps people find software that fits the needs of their business using market trends and peer-to-peer ratings and reviews. 

Peer reviews are authenticated with user validation (users have to use a LinkedIn account or verified business email address to confirm their identity and employer), manual moderation, and proof of professional use, among other methods. 

G2 badges are automatically generated if your product is a top performer in the G2 Market Report. The Market Report is based on data aggregated from reviews by the user community, online sources, and social networks. 

Thanks to all the customers who have reviewed us and given us feedback. And for anyone evaluating Tremendous, don’t take our word for it. See what your peers have to say

Published May 1, 2024

Updated May 1, 2024

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