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The research issue

By Kate Monica|4 min read|Updated Mar 1, 2023

The research issue
“A [newsletter] is a line between any two points in creation.”
Charles Olson

We spent a fair amount of time investigating some hard hitting questions this month. Among them: do research incentives actually increase study participation? Also: what are the top mistakes researchers make when administering incentives?

These are especially important questions for teams thinking about budget. And we’re all contending with a challenging economy, so a lot of people have budget on the brain. In this issue, we’ll equip you with some peer-reviewed insights on why research incentives are important. It’ll be useful to anybody in the process of justifying or securing budget for a UX, market research, or research ops team.

And, as always, we’re working hard to improve our product to make sending incentives easier than ever.

Cool product updates

Screenshot of the Tremendous campaign editor with the Extra Step section highlighted with a pink box around it.

It's easy to add a pop-up message to campaigns.

Want to send a thank-you video, or prompt recipients to head to your website after claiming their reward? Now it’s much easier to do so. You can add a single pop-up message while building your campaign, which can include a video, link, and/or message. We’ve redesigned this functionality to be a lot more intuitive to create and enjoyable to navigate. It’s available in your Dashboard.

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Research incentives are an expense. Is it worth it?

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Building a high-doc, low-meeting work culture starts with hiring.

Tremendous COO Kapil Kale tells you how we structure our hiring process to spot candidates who would thrive in our  autonomous work environment.

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Published February 23, 2023

Updated March 1, 2023

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