Tremendous helps businesses send payouts to people.

What we do

The Tremendous platform allows organizations to pay people around the world. One core element of our platform is choice. People have different preferences for how they prefer to be paid. Organizations use Tremendous to give their recipients a choice of money, prepaid cards, gift cards and charity donations.

We also handle the rest of the tricky stuff–currency conversions, money movement, cross-border regulations, and reporting. And if something ever goes wrong, our customer support team is best-in-class and ready to help.
We're just getting started.

Payroll services help organizations pay their employees... but what about everyone else? The user who participated in a live feedback session, the job applicant who did a take-home project, the loyal customer who put up with a terrible bug?

Organizations are constantly working with people, and then struggling to find ways to compensate them. That's what Tremendous is here to solve.



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People on the team

Brand names send rewards with Tremendous

Tremendous is twelve years in the making.

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We’re profitable and growing fast, with no VC investment. This is a rare way to run a startup.

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The team

Nick Baum
Co-Founder & CEO

Nick started Tremendous in 2010, turning it from a small gift card company into a service used by millions around the world. He's responsible for the overall direction of the company.

Kapil Kale
Co-Founder & COO

Kapil started Tremendous in 2010, and recently rejoined after a stint at AngelList where he was an executive. He runs our product and engineering team.

The next chapter

We hire high-performing people, then set them free to do their best work with few meetings and a lot of autonomy.

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