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The happiness issue

By Kate Monica|5 min read|Updated May 25, 2023

This month, we’re talking about happiness. We’re offering a deep dive into proven ways to make your customers feel better about your company.

First, we talk about how to make your customers happy after you’ve screwed up. It requires a sincere, well-timed apology and some form of financial compensation. These two ingredients create a surefire recipe for an effective customer appeasement. It may feel like the damage is already done after a particularly spectacular service failure. But evidence shows customer appeasements can reverse negative emotions. Even more compelling: one study found for every dollar companies spend on a refund, they earn $7 in future revenue. 

Then, we talk about how one particular company, FUSION Performance Group, kept event attendees happy and engaged by delivering incentives in the format that best suited their needs and interests. FUSION, a full-service events organization, switched to Tremendous in 2020 when the pandemic hit. The events company had to quickly move their in-person events online in the wake of global lockdowns. We'll tell you how they used Tremendous to pack webinars full of people and send incentives people actually use and appreciate. 

Finally, we outline ways to encourage your happy customers to refer other avid users. Namely, by giving existing customers cash rewards for referring a friend. It's a good investment: referred customers have a 4x higher lifetime value and a 5x faster conversion rate than customers found through other channels. 

Cool product updates

We freshened up the Dashboard sidebar. The design is a bit sleeker, the navigation should be clearer, and it’s easier to toggle between teams within an organization.

Also, our reward catalog now offers 1000+ redemption options. It should be easier than ever for recipients across the globe to find a redemption option they love.

Content that'll make you happy

On the left, text reads: "An intro guide to customer appeasements." On the right is an envelope with a credit card, an apology, and a $5 voucher inside.

A good customer appeasement can deliver a 7x ROI.

A sincere apology, paired with a refund or incentive, can reverse negative emotions and influence customers to become even bigger fans than they were before the service failure.

The Fusion Performance Group logo.

How FUSION sent $1.6 million in event incentives that people actually like.

FUSION's sales more than doubled after switching to Tremendous in 2020. Read their story. 

Text reads "Cash is king for customer referrals: 5 examples." On the right are icons of a shopping cart, money, a gavel, and people.

Leverage happy customers to get more.

Offering cash rewards for customer referrals will help you win even more delighted users. It’s well worth it.

Published May 25, 2023

Updated May 25, 2023

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