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Product improvements — Q4 2021

By Kapil Kale|2 min read|Updated Apr 25, 2022

Product improvements — Q4 2021

Happy New Year! Check out the product updates released during the holidays.

Revamped reward history

It’s easier than ever to track rewards you’ve sent out with improved filtering and search functionality.

A .gif showing someone checking the reward history on the Tremendous platform.

We also added:

  • logs of previous deliveries and cancellations

  • the ability to filter rewards by delivery method (text, email, links)

  • the ability to search for physical rewards (e.g. mailed Visa cards)

Improved deliverability

Reward emails sent through Tremendous now use their own dedicated IP address, which should ensure delivery to recipient inboxes. We also improved support for international SMS delivery.

Simplified accounting

You can now query for orders by payment method. This should make it easier to reconcile invoices, credit card charges, or ACH debits to their associated orders.

An image showing how users can filter their Order History page within the Tremendous platform.

Improved tax document collection

If you send a recipient more than $600, the IRS requires you to collect and file a tax form from that individual. Tremendous handles this for you (it’s available under “Tax documents”). When turned on, we’ll ask recipients to fill out the necessary forms before redeeming a reward.

We completely reworked this feature, moving it over to a real document signing service, and closing bugs / loopholes that allowed recipients to circumvent it.

An image showing Tremendous' W-9 collection feature.

Plus, loads of other improvements and bug fixes

  • Better reward email deliverability– we moved to a dedicated IP address, which should make sure emails make it to recipient inboxes.

  • Improved support for international SMS delivery.

  • Our redemption analytics dashboard now shows information down to the product level (instead of just seeing “gift card”, you’ll see

  • A PDF receipt attachment has been added to all balance update emails.

  • We added more guides to our API docs, covering custom fields and currency conversions.

🎉 Lots of progress on improving our product over the holiday months.

Thank you for using Tremendous, and keep the feedback coming so we can make even bigger strides in 2022!

Kapil, Co-founder

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Published January 5, 2022

Updated April 25, 2022

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