Bulk digital gift card platform for businesses

  • Send millions fast with bulk CSV upload or our API. For free.

  • Offer 2,000+ global reward options from one platform.

  • Deliver via email, SMS, links, or physical cards.

10K+ customers. 20M+ payouts sent. $1B+ delivered.

The easiest way to send gift cards at scale

  • Fund your balance, then tell us who gets what.

  • Recipients choose what works for them, then immediately get a gift card code.

  • Track and manage what you have sent and spent with our real-time dashboard.

A huge, international selection of gift cards

Offer bulk digital gift cards to over 2,000 retailers across 200+ countries, including Amazon, Starbucks, and Target.

  • Your choice or theirs Offer a specific card, a curated selection, or let recipients choose from the entire catalog.

  • Beyond gift cards Digital and physical prepaid Visa cards, transfers (ACH, PayPal, and Venmo), even charitable donations.

  • Global coverage Reach over 200 countries, with an ever-expanding catalog of locally relevant retailers.

High volumes. Low effort.

Tremendous is built for scale. Use automation or bulk uploads to create orders. We’ll send and support — from $10 to over $1 million.

  • Works with your systems Use our dev-friendly REST API or 5,000+ integrations to send gift cards from the tools you already use.

  • We do the heavy lifting Tremendous takes care of everything from figuring out recipient country to handling support inquiries.

  • Save 15 hours a month From quick sending to built-in tracking, our platform is designed to let you get back to other tasks ASAP.

Delight recipients

Regardless of where your recipients are located, Tremendous makes it easy for you to deliver a smooth, customized experience.

  • Reliable delivery by email, SMS, or bulk link. Straightforward to claim, no funny business.

  • No need to know where your recipients are located. We automatically handle language translations and currency conversions to simplify global delivery.

  • Fewer than 2% of recipients need support — but when they do, our top-notch team responds to most issues within a day.

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There’s a good chance Tremendous can save you time, hassle, and money, compared to other ways of sending gift cards.

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