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Automate reward delivery with the Tremendous API.

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Tremendous' rewards API at a glance

Create, manage and track fully customized rewards programs.


Develop on the Tremendous
API using mock data.


Personalize and style rewards with your branding and custom messaging.


Automate reward delivery
for multiple teams across
your organization.


Pull reward history, order
history, invoices and more
in real time.

600+ reward options — one powerful incentives API

Stop juggling multiple vendors with individual APIs.

Visa gift cards in bulk


Prepaid cards

Distribute Visa® and Mastercard® prepaid cards.

Send plastic and digital prepaid cards at scale with our MasterCard® and Visa® gift card API.  

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Amazon gift cards in bulk


Gift cards

Automatically send gift cards from 600+ global retailers.

The Tremendous API is your all-in-one Amazon Gift Card API, Target gift card API, Walmart gift card API — your every major brand gift card API.

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Cash rewards and incentives


Send cash to recipients at scale in more than 80 countries.

Automate cash disbursements via ACH (US) or PayPal (international) by integrating with the Tremendous incentives API.

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Automate charitable donations to noble causes.

Support the world's top charities by automating the reward distribution and allowing recipients to donate it to philanthropic causes.

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View all rewards

Integrate with our gift card API

Automate your rewards program in three simple steps.

Obtain your API key, and make a successful request in less than five minutes.

Personalize rewards to speak directly to your target audience — customers, users, affiliates or whomever you reward.

Send your first reward programmatically through our virtual card API.

Obtain your API key and make a successful request in less than five minutes.

Send your first reward programmatically through our virtual card API.

Personalize rewards to speak directly customers, users, affiliates or whomever you reward.

Troubleshoot the Tremendous card API

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Error handling

Encountering error messages within the API?

System outages

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Partner, integrate and automate rewards with Tremendous

Transparent pricing

Tremendous is free to use.

International coverage

Programatically send rewards in more than 80 countries.

Bulk ordering

Order rewards in large quantities. Distribute them worldwide.

Customized rewards

Build a cohesive brand experience with custom designs and messaging.

Flexible platform

Manage multiple teams and
budgets — on one account.

5-star customer support

Our customer service team is on standby to solve problems.

3,800+ brands trust Tremendous

Luba Avakova
Manager of Panel Operations, Embee Mobile

“I would highly recommend Tremendous to anyone looking for an easy and cost-effective way to send e-gift cards to customers, clients, or employees.“

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